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  • Wilhelm Fuchtner "The Father of the Nutcracker"

    The Fuchtner Workshop is located in the very same place where the family business started back in 1870. Wilhem Frederick Fuchtner, known the world over as the "Father of the Nutcracker" carved the very first nutcracker around 1870.

    His home workshop in Seiffen, the small toy-making village in the middle of the Erzgebirge in Eastern Germany, is still the home of the finest nutcrackers. Today, six generations later, Volker Füchtner photographed with me, honors his great-great-great grandfather by still producing nutcrackers in the old tradition in the very same home workshop- the birthplace of the nutcracker.

    Each Füchtner Nutcracker is stamped "Füchtner-

    First Family of the Nutcracker," hand-signed by Volker Füchtner, and comes in a Box, complete with the Füchtner family story in both German and English

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