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Easter in Germany and Around the World

Egg Tree

Depending on where you are in the world, the tradition of Easter can be celebrated in a variety of interesting ways. In Haux, France, it’s become customary in the town’s main square to cook up and serve an enormous Easter omellette that serves thousands of people. Oddly enough, Sweden’s traditional Easter festivities have a lot in common with what we know as Halloween. Like Halloween, young children in Swedish neighborhoods dress up in colorful clothes and go door to door exchanging drawings and paintings for tasty sweets.

If you’re in Corfu, Greece around Easter time, don’t be surprised if you see flying kitchenware falling from the sky. On Easter Saturday, the unique religious celebrations of this part of the world begin with the crashing of pots and pans. The people in Corfu are known to parade through the streets on this Holy day while pots and pans are joyfully tossed from windows and balconies to reenact the earthquake that followed Christ’s Resurrection.

Although Easter is celebrated in different ways all around the world, each tradition shares the common theme of family and togetherness. For Germans, Easter is one the country’s most precious holidays. In fact, it is often said that the origins of popular traditions such as the Easter Bunny and decorated eggs were brought over by German immigrants over three centuries ago.

In Germany, one could complete his or her entire Easter egg hunt by simply looking up at a tree. The Ostereierbaum, or Easter egg tree, is the tradition of embellishing trees of all sizes with colorful Easter eggs, making a springtime walk through the park unlike any other. Sometimes, the Easter Bunny will even leave chocolate eggs around the base of a tree for children to find.

Easter in Germany is truly special. Almost every home, every garden, and every tree is decorated top to bottom with colorful decorations. With our Easter themed products from Christian Ulbricht and Lori Mitchell, you too can adorn your home with beautiful holiday décor that excites the whole family.

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