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  • The Origin of the Golden Angel

    000_0006eggl-of-bavaria-wax-angels.html  The Origin of the Golden Angel

    Master Hauser was called the Doll maker. His beautiful and angelic daughter had just died. He was so heartbroken he walked the streets of Nuremburg. He thought of home, where his wife was sick with sorrow, and he thought over and over what could he do to help he and his wife. When the doll maker got home he found his wife asleep. He tiptoed through the dark into his workshop. He worked earnestly upon his angelic creation until satisfied with it. Upon completion he lay an angel like doll with finely creased golden shirt and apron and a little crown over the lovely face. It looked like his little daughter. Happily he carried the little treasure to his sleeping wife and placed the little doll in her arms. The poor woman awakened and looked with wonder at the beautiful little golden Angel. She pressed it against herself sobbing bitterly and said Yes, this is how our beloved looked.

    The doll maker's business reawakened and he worked diligently so that he could offer these tinsel-gold angels at the Christmas market. He had very good success with them. More than 400 years have passed and the world has changed greatly. However, the little tinsel-gold angels of Nuremburg have remained as they were then to the present day

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