2020 Dated & Limited Edition Ornaments

Christopher Radko Christmas ornaments are created of mouth-blown glass throughout Europe in Poland. These high quality European glass ornaments are created by a team of highly skilled craftsmen and women and artists who have been with the Christopher Radko Company for many years. Each ornament is created using Renaissance era carving, molding, glass blowing, hand painting techniques, silver lining and finishing processes that require many weeks to complete.

The Christopher Radko Company was created in 1985. The legend is that the birth of the Christopher Radko Company was a result of the falling of Christopher's family Christmas tree. The tree was filled with more than 1,000 vintage mouth-blown glass ornaments and all were broken during the fall. As Christopher tried to replace the ornaments, he looked all over the United States and Poland and was unable to find glass ornaments that matched the quality of those his family had owned and treasured. At this time he hired a Polish glass blower and they went to work creating glass ornaments based on the memories of the Radko family ornament collection that was destroyed. The Christopher Radko ornament collection continued to grow in popularity each year, and, as they say, the rest is history.

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