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German Nutcrackers

German Nutcrackers

 Explore the quality selection of handcrafted German Nutcrackers from the Erzgebirge region in Germany

According to German tradition, the nutcracker represents good luck and well-being. But over the years, German nutcrackers have reached far beyond the borders of Germany and have taken on unique new meanings. Our diverse selection of handmade nutcrackers are crafted by only the most distinguished German workshops including Ulbricht, Steinbach, KWO, Blank, Gahlenz and Fuchtner.

Each nutcracker brand provides a distinctive artistic approach that manages to be wholly creative without abandoning the traditional values they share with one another. The carving process, which is done by hand, is the ultimate test of patience as it requires a great amount of concentration to individually craft each nutcracker piece by piece.

But this is a labor of love, of course. The extensive detail that goes into our German nutcrackers is well worth the reward of providing families with a collectible holiday decoration they will never forget.

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