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Christian Ulbricht Smokers

Christian Ulbricht Smokers

Christian Ulbricht smokers are a time-honored Christmas tradition that began in the mountainous Erzgebirge region of Seiffen, Germany. It was here that the Ulbricht family began crafting German smoking men, eventually becoming one of the world’s most predominant and respected manufacturers of handcrafted wooden smokers.

Many of Ulbricht's uniquely ornamented wooden smokers celebrate regional tradespeople such as miners, foresters, bakers and chimney sweeps. Other smokers feature Santa, winter scenes and holiday icons.

As a revered symbol of Christmastime, Ulbricht smokers offer the perfect pairing of nostalgia and warmth. Hand-decorated Ulbricht smoking men are made using a generations-old tradition and promise to fill your household with joy and love this holiday season.

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