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Emil A. Schalling Holskunst Seiffen

Emil A. Schalling Holskunst Seiffen

The company Emil A. Schalling KG in the town of Seiffen is a family business in fourth generation. Since foundation by Emil A. Schalling in 1904 the material wood has always been worked creatively. Wooden toys, doll's furniture and later arts and crafts like angel choirs and Christmas pyramids have been significant for the production range. Today lovely designed and painted figurines and pyramids are made by dexterous hands of circa fifteen employees. Manufacturing in small series is a guarantee of getting items with individual character and high quality for each customer.

 Proprietary articles of the Schalling company are the angel and miner figurines of light which are typical for the Erzgebirge. The light was essential for a miner working below ground. The miner's desire for light was especially highly revealed at Christmas. So the figurines which carried the light became symbols of Christmas in the Erzgebirge Mountains.


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